I’m Jesse Bouman, host of the Sidedoor podcast. 

I’m an American that’s been living in Indonesia for four years. I’m a former entrepreneur and currently the Head of Content and Innovation at Mindshare.

People outside of SE Asia might not know that Indonesia is the fourth largest population in the world. Over the past few years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the tech industry.

While I don’t currently run my own company, I’m still passionate about tech, innovation, and building products. At Mindshare, I launched mSPARK, the country’s first think tank for brands and startups and built an award winning app in partnership with Google. 

Now I want to help tell the stories of region’s brightest entrepreneurs, operations, and investors. What makes them tick? How did they build their company? What lessons did they learn along the way? 

I’ve interviewed some of the most exciting young entrepreneurs to pull out the big lessons that can be applied to any professional walk of life, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not.