Episode #3: William Tunggaldjaja

“Never get in a land war in Asia.” – Vizzini (Princess Bride)

Today’s guest is William Tunggaldjaja, co-founder of ecommerce platform, Asmaraku.  Will is a veteran of startups and ecommerce, having worked at Lazada, Zomato, and Path. 

However, Will always had a drive to start his own company. An early believer in ecommerce in Southeast Asia, Will set out to start his own ecommerce company, which he co-founded with his wife. 

Despite facing tough odds against well established ecommerce giants with millions of venture capital funding, Will and his team have carved out their own niche. Through scrappy tactics and creative thinking, they’ve been able to grow thanks to his strategy of profit over wildfire growth. 

This episode has excellent lessons for any startup with steep competition and a limited budget. 

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